Experimental Design II (Optimizing Detail)

Experimental Design II (Optimizing Detail)

Course type: Project

ASK course

Course Code: Ex2 ETCS: 6
Lecture hours: 60

General description

This design class creates conditions for a search for technical solutions for unusual concept components requiring a novel approach.

In the first part of the semester, participants present proprietary proposals for details making up elements made earlier or in parallel with the design. During discussions a selection is defined as are specific qualities that serve as a basis for creating a material solution (these qualities can apply to both technical requirements and pure ideas).

Participants shape the material and structural concepts making up the solution to the stated problem individually. An aspect of the task is to present the idea in the form of a model illustrating the specifics of the element and its impact together with the building.

In the second phase of the course, participants join together to form three–member teams the make–up of which is in line with the specifics of the undertaken tasks. Each team strives to create the best possible method of laboratory testing (in a physical and virtual environment), conducting tests and formulating conclusions relating to the effectiveness of solutions.

Studio topics

PKB 2010-2015

This course refers to Thesis project (DS4) each year.