ASK [Architecture for Society of Knowledge] is the Master program in Architecture taught in English. It is recognized in the EU and concludes with MSc in Architecture degree.

The ASK program is offered by the Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology, the most renown and largest Polish university in the area of technical sciences.

The Program concludes with a Master of Sciences degree in the area of Architecture and Urban Planning with specialization Architecture for Society of Knowledge. This is professional degree in architecture, fully accredited and recognised in Poland and the EU.

The ASK program covers 120 ECTS credits.

ASK is dedicated to those who wish to extend their practical understanding of contemporary architecture and urban planning. The program addresses digital media in design, prototyping with computer-controlled machines, distributed design collaboration, and agendas for sustainable, intelligent building.

At the same time, it reflects on architectural basics: cultural heritage, history and theory paradigms, social aspects of space creation and education through interacting space. ASK concludes with a M.Sc Arch. professional degree in the field of Architecture and Urban Planning. It is designed to be delivered partially over distance and requires a limited residency period during its core program, plus the Master thesis defence.

The emerging global knowledge-based economy increasingly relies on the dissemination of information and know-how. Geographically and temporally distributed design is becoming the prevailing mode of architectural practice. Modern conditions call for a teaching and learning environment that takes advantage of the remote delivery of design education while promoting the social significance of common, digital space situated in the specificity of global context. Recognition of the unique role of locality contributed by each student in the networked design universe is central to ASK success.