Our vision of a modern architect’s education is based on confronting contemporary social and cultural conditions while taking full advantage of new technologies as foundations of Society of Knowledge.

ASK reflects architectural evolution from 20th century space design towards 21st century information processing design. It anticipates the shift in paradigm in the nature of architectural practice and theory. It provides an interdisciplinary curriculum designed to reinforce student competence in answering crucial questions ushered in with the crisis of globalization. Can local context present new opportunities for non–uniform global trends? Can new conditions of situated design and problem solving reveal the opportunities of previously marginalized societies while maintaining richness of diverse? Can we aspire towards a vision of architecture derived from the diverse richness of the emerging society of knowledge? The ASK Program aims to equip young practicing architects with the formative experience required for:

  • Active participation in the global architectural knowledge society, and critical interpretation of the creative aspects of design and design collaboration.
  • Collaborative and interdisciplinary practice of architecture.
  • Architectural research exploring new design technology and theory.

The key forces impacting on the practice of architecture in the knowledge society are aspects of globalization as well as new digital media and networks. The ASK program reflects the importance of the contemporary trends in design.
Tendencies reflected in ASK Program curriculum and deployed in problem based learning of the design studio include:

  • CAD, Computer aided design including problem modeling + simulation
  • VDS, distributed design collaboration
  • CNC, numerically controlled prototyping and design fabrication
  • PARAmetric and algorithmic architectural design
  • ROBO, the responsive, performative architecture supported by mechatronics and robotics