The growing share of information processes in the activities of today’s societies brings with it the need to consider the scientific, design, and social consequences of this fact. The ASK graduate shall master the ability to interpret and create phenomena and objects in various scales using advances digital technology, specifically:

  • Skill in reading, interpreting, and assessing phenomena using digital techniques encompassing information acquisition, processing, and publication,
  •  The ability to apply digital techniques in practice in architectural and urban planning creativity (algorithmic, parametric, and interactive creation, optimization, and simulation),
  • Experience in quick prototyping, the fabrication of models and elements of buildings or cities, three–dimensional visualization as well as presentations in a virtual environment,
  • Skill in working with engineering and building trade teams as well as in communicating with contractors, with special stress on digital techniques supporting coordination, including in distributed environments,

  • Competencies in describing architectural and urban planning phenomena (including in the realm of digital technology) to a degree facilitating participation in professional discussions and participation on international discussion forums.

A significant educational component of the ASK graduate is the integration of competencies in application of modern technology as well as the utilization of traditional, tried–and–true skills whose teaching is well–rooted in the tradition of the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology.