Information Processes in Architecture

Information Processes in Architecture

Course type: Lectures and Seminars

ASK course

Course Code: D2 ETCS: 2
Proj/lab/semin hours: 15 Lecture hours: 15

General description of the course

Processing information about space, reinterpretation of forms, and composition of the layout are key premises behind the genesis of a work of architecture. The course strives to make this process as conscious as possible. In practice, this means a need to use a philosophical (logical) basis to describe the goal and method of transformation. Technological support of the intellectual process in this phase may consist of applications for automating spatial (CAD) and graphic operations. Especially algorithmic automation and scripting allow for the design of the process itself (in contrast to designing outcomes).

In the second part of the course, the theoretical basis described in the form of algorithmic sequences of actions is used to conduct study design exercises. The concept of a simple object emerges on the basis of a theoretical concept and real material.

In addition to constructing a method and presenting results, tasks facing participants include the documentation of the concept building process. They serve as a tool for assessing the effectiveness of the assumptions and the quality of implementation.

Studio topics

PKB 2010-2015

This course refers to Thesis project (DS4) each year.