Project Knowledge Base

Project Knowledge Base

Course type: Seminars
Course coordinator: Krzysztof Koszewski

ASK course

Course Code: T6 ETCS: 2
Expected own workload: 10 Lecture hours: 10

General description

Classes accompanying the final design, involving the parallel creation of the design knowledge base for all phases of the design process: collecting data, data analysis and conclusions, preliminary concept, and the final design phase. The design knowledge base shall be created using database tools and shall be published in a way making possible its effective use during work on the design. Work shall be accompanied by analysis of various forms of collecting information in terms of the possibility of their notation.

In this task, the knowledge base is both the notation for efficient work on the design and the source o information used in the design process.

Main skills acquired during this course include:

  • Understanding the importance of design activity as independent way of inquiry about surrounding world, also as a tool to alter reality
  • Ability to critically observe and evaluate design decisions made during design process, thus emphasizing the rational side of design thinking
  • Skills in using contemporary techniques to gather and arrange information into logical and coherent integrity – in the form of project knowledge base.
  • Ability to present arguments justifying design decisions, which are rooted in rational design-process thinking

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PKB 2010-2015

This course refers to Thesis project (DS4) each year.

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