Course type: Lectures and Seminars

ASK course

Course Code: M3 ETCS: 2
Proj/lab/semin hours: 15 Lecture hours: 15

General description

It is in the lecture section that students will be introduced to the basic terminology and typology of robotics. Lecture subject matter encompasses the basics of mechanics, ways of communicating with machines, and a presentation of various robot applications. Questions of the potential for using robots for shaping the form of built structures as well as the application of computer–controlled components in the architectural elements themselves are examined.

In the practical segment—laboratory—students have the opportunity for contact with robot examples, learning ways of controlling them, tasks, and work effects. In one of the exercises students have the task of changing certain parameters controlling the work of the robot so as to influence its effects. Activities devoted to the design and building of programmable systems and computer–controlled architectural elements are also conducted during the seminar.

Studio topics

PKB 2010-2015

This course refers to Thesis project (DS4) each year.