Application info

ASK admissions system will be open from 5 till 24 May 2021.

Who is eligible?

Students admitted to ASK program must hold degree equivalent to the Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Planning from Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology.
Diplomas from all over the world in Architecture are accepted under condition that these diplomas entitle to enter Master program in the country where issued.
Candidates have to validate their diplomas by apostille or legalization.

Holders of degrees from post-secondary recognized architecture schools in EU countries (refer to the directive nr 36/2005 , Section 8, pp. 47-49, see the list of schools pp. 129 – 141) with minimum program length of 3,5 years are eligible (candidates with program length of 3 years are asked to contact ASK office).

Along with formal prerequisites candidates have to find themselves capable of taking part in ASK advanced program. The goal for ASK students is to be creative and productive with will and determination to undertake analitical problems on the Masters level.

The ASK Program will be delivered in English and good working knowledge of the language is required. see details

Admission process

Non-PL candidates follow this procedure:

All candidates have to register with the International Students Office. After registration process candidates should use supplied username/password for application process and follow given instructions.  Please choose Faculty of Architecture under „faculty” and Architecture  / Architecture for Society of Knowledge under „program”.  See the ASK admissions chart for detailed instructions. Please note that you may be asked to upload preliminary documents earlier and the fact, that the second turn of applications may require candidates to have Polish visa already.

PL candidates register here.



24th of May – electronic applications and documents upload deadline. The Admissions Committee will evaluate candidates’ applications including portfolios and select the most interesting for an interview.

The list will be announced by June, 7th, and selected candidates will be notified about the form and date of the interview.

All interviews will take place between 14th and 21st of June and will be conducted via MS Teams platform. The final ranked list, including the results of interviews with candidates, will be announced by 1st of July 2021. All scanned documents attached to the application have to be also re-submitted in original after the preliminary acceptance to the program, not later than  30th of September 2021. Non-PL candidates should deliver their documents to International Students Office. PL candidates must deliver their documents to room nr. 21 at Faculty Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology. In case of any documents have to be delivered later, the place on ranking list and acceptance for the program is conditional. If the conditions (like delivering confirmed copy of the B. Arch diploma) are not fulfilled, next person from the ranking list is offered a place in the program.

Second turn of applications

Registration – 6-13th September 2021
Notification of an invitationto the interview – September 15th, 2021
Interviews – September 18-20th, 2021
Announcement of results – September 21st, 2021

The final confirmed list of the admitted ASK students will be announced by September 21st, 2021.

The minimum group to run ASK studies is 12 students.