Entry requirements EU

Students admitted to ASK program must hold degree equivalent to the Bachelor of Architecture from Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology.
Bachelor degree diplomas from all EU accredited architecture schools are accepted.
Candidates have to validate their diplomas by apostille or legalization.

Holders of degrees from post-secondary recognized architecture schools in EU countries (refer to the directive nr 36/2005 , Section 8, pp. 47-49, see the list of schools pp. 129 – 141) with minimum program length of 3,5 years are eligible (candidates with program length of 3 years are asked to contact ASK office).

Along with formal prerequisites candidates have to find themselves capable of taking part in ASK advanced program. The goal for ASK students is to be creative and productive with will and determination to undertake analitical problems on the Masters level.

The ASK Program will be delivered in English and good working knowledge of the language is required. see details

In order to apply a list of required documents has to be completed.

Citizens of Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland are asked to follow the same procedure as EU citizens.

In case of any questions please contact us via e-mail ask.arch@pw.edu.pl