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List of submission documents*:

*please note that there is a list of documents required by ASK admission process at Faculty of Architecture, but first you have to register and supply basic data and documents to International Students Office for formal pre-acceptance (entry documents) and then some Faculty-related documents.

Candidates are requested to submit following entry documents:

  1. Completed application form to be filled on-line after registration
  2. Certified copy of BArch / MArch Diploma
  3. Official transcripts from academic institution last attended by applicant
  4. Passport personal information page
  5. Proof of payment – all candidates must pay a non-refundable application fee of 150 zł
  6. One passport format photo

ad. 1. Application form has to be filled on-line during application process at ISO. In order to register for the application process and submit application form and other required documents please refer to the International Students’ Office page at WUT
ad. 2.  The original language and translation to English. Remember we require Bachelor Degree in Architecture!
ad. 3. The applicant must send official transcripts from previous post-secondary institution. If the applicant is currently completing a degree, any acceptance will be conditional on the successful completion of the degree with requirements as noted. However, current transcript of already completed part of program is required. If the academic records are in a language other than English or Polish, the appropriate certified translation is required.

Additional documents required by ASK addmission process:
    1. Statement of Objectives
    2. Curriculum Vitae
    3. Two academic references
    4. Design Portfolio

All above documents have to be easily identified with the candidate. Please do not forget to put your name on documents like CV or portfolio.
ad. 1. Statement of objectives should be written in prose and shall not exceed one A4 page. It should clearly identify the reasons of studying architecture on the MArch level as well as choosing ASK program and Warsaw Faculty of Architecture. CV should indicate educational, professional, scientific, travel, organizational and any other relevant experience deemed important and appropriate for ASK application process.
ad. 2. Standard CV incl. academic and professional experiences is required.
ad. 3. The applicant must send min. two letters of reference which support the application. At least one of the referees should hold academic position and be well familiar with candidate educational background and suitability. References should be completed in English (if not – appropriate certified translation is required), scanned and sent during application process.
ad. 4. Portfolio should demonstrate candidate’s ability and experience in design appropriate to received degree. It may consist of architectural/urban design course works, other university works, graphic skills, interests, professional practice (if any). The spectrum of presented work may be very wide, the aim is to present the Admission Committee current achievements and thus also premises for future successful studies in the field of architecture. As visual communication is one of the most important skills of architect, the Committee will also pay attention to the form of portfolio in terms of communicativeness and aesthetics. Candidates are encouraged to present architectural/urban projects in the way allowing the reviewers to evaluate the idea of design. While the portfolio can include evidence of digital skills, the uncritical eye-catching renderings or „eye candies” would not be useful.  All work done in collaboration or in university or professional teams should clearly indicate the candidate’s contribution and role. Portfolio should be prepared in the electronic form as pdf file, A4 page horizontal format. The file size should not exceed 20 MB.

Admission documents
  1. Apostille or legalization of Diploma
  2. Eligibility Statement
  3. English language certificate or min. 2 years of studying in English (more information in Proficiency in English article)
  4. Proof of payment of Tuition Fee

ad. 1. Depending on the country diploma candidates are required to provide legalization of the certificate or diploma together with its copy. The certificate can only be obtained in the country where the document was issued, usually through designated for the Ministry. If the document comes from a country which is not party to the Hague Convention must provide verification. Verification can be achieved only at the Polish Embassy in the country where the document was issued. See details here.
ad. 2. It is a document with confirmation that the B.Sc. degree that you have officially entitles you to enter Masters studies in the country where you graduated from Bachelor studies.
ad. 3. Applicants from a country where the primary language is not English must demonstrate a certificate confirming knowledge of English language at least on level B2. A passing score must be received by the admission office before the deadline date. Candidates with minimum of two years of university program in English might receive special consideration. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to make the final decision after the interview of the candidate. More details about English language requirements are available here.

For Bachelor degree studies finished this year the acceptance will be conditional. The certified copy of BArch diploma may be submitted no later than September, 1, 2021 (this is due to visa procedure requirements, if the candidate already has visa and does not require involvement of the University in this case – please contact ISO Office). In case the certified copy is not submitted the next candidate from the ranking list will take this place.

All the documents must be submitted via electronic application system.

In case of any questions please contact us via e-mail: