Alumni profile

Alumni Profile

The aim of the ASK PhD studies is to broaden the competences in the field of using digital technologies in architectural and urban design. The studies will be focused on tasks leading towards creating new tools and solutions using the scientific method.

The alumni of the ASK PhD program will have proficiency in shaping one’s own research, design tools and methods. Alumni will also learn to verify research outcomes with the scientific method, making use of novel tools, in particular:

  • using digital tools for supporting research activities (seeking specialized data, knowledge organization, interdisciplinary collaboration, digital publication)
  • formalizing theoretical questions of architecture and urban design (algorithmic modeling of phenomena and processes, model and data management)
  • digitally supported analysis and simulation of spatial interference (simulation and optimization in architecture and urban design) with environmentally friendly solutions in the foreground
  • participation in specialist discourse regarding the application of created solutions and promotion of modern, environmentally friendly spatial solutions

An essential aspect of the ASK PhD alumni’s profile is linking the use of information technology and modern research methods with traditional values and sensitivity, which are deep-rooted in the WUT’s Faculty of Architecture’s tradition.

Impact and Stakeholders

The alumni of the ASK PhD program will be prepared to undertake the role of an expert in collaboration with parties involved in the processes of shaping the built environment. The knowledge gained within the ASK PhD unit can be useful in the field of theoretical research as well as in the Research & Development sector of the market and other applied sciences.

The IT-orientation of the ASK PhD alumni will allow for embracing the possibilities and limitations of predicting future consequences of today’s spatial decisions. Scientifically grounded analysis and innovative presentation of research outcomes can impact the environmental awareness of external stakeholders.