Digital Construction Site (Elective)

Digital Construction Site (Elective)

Course type: Seminars

ASK course

Course Code: E3 ETCS: 2
Lecture hours: 30

General description

During this seminar, participants shall work in teams to develop illustrations of selected questions of digitizing the construction site. Construction automation and the logistics of execution processes, typology of solutions applied in building from the point of view of an increase in complexity and efficiency are among problems discussed, as are question of digital programming of production, material transportation, navigation in a GPS environment, automation of assembly and transportation, and conditions created by these processes in the design phase. In addition to examples from literature, students will be able to use simulations achieved in the CAD environment. The program encompasses exercises using numeric control of surveying equipment as well as the distance control of construction machines. The outcome of these exercises is the concept for the complex implementation of a building structure, developed by each team using construction site digital technology.