Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems

Course type: Lectures and Seminars
Course coordinator: Małgorzata Hanzl

ASK course

Status: obligatory Course level: advanced
Course Code: ASK-KW-Gs ETCS: 2
Expected own workload: 12 Proj/lab/semin hours: 15
Lecture hours: 15

General description

Exercises introduce practical competence of use of the GIS technology, starting from usage of different kinds of data available in practice, through building of the data model and data analyses: qualitative/ quantitative/ spatial up to the issues of data presentation, including 3D presentation, and conversion/ creation following the INSPIRE standards. The exercises include also the practical skills of ArcGIS software. i.e.: ArcView and 3DAnalist modules.

The lecture complements the exercises, explaining issues concerning using of GIS in the urban planner work-craft, in different applications, including analyses of data describing different features: urban form and immaterial aspects available for description thanks to the use of GIS. Important part concerns the presentation of information with the localization attribute

Studio topics

PKB 2010-2015

This course refers to Thesis project (DS4) each year.