History of Space Shaping

History of Space Shaping

Course type: Lectures and Seminars
Course coordinator: MaƂgorzata Rozbicka

ASK course

Status: obligatory Exam: yes
Course level: Advanced Course Code: ASK-KH-Hs
ETCS: 2 Expected own workload: 17
Proj/lab/semin hours: 15 Lecture hours: 15

General description of the course

The course conducts in the second half of the semester, including seminars and lectures.

The seminars consist in conducting an independent analysis of a selected historical structure: an architectural object/complex/urban complex and presenting their conclusions regarding the direction of the principal activities to emphasise and preserve the value of the chosen historical structure.

Lectures concern 19th– and 20th– centuries urban issues. They illustrate the values of architecture and urban planning of these periods showing problem arrangement and structures in the development process.