Image Interpretation in Architecture

Image Interpretation in Architecture

Course type: Seminars

ASK course

Course Code: T4 ETCS: 1
Lecture hours: 15

General description

The image in architecture. The relationship between the two–dimensional message and three–dimensional space. The role of the two–dimensional message in the architect’s design studio over the ages and today. Questions relating to spatial illusion.

Image interpretation, the image as a message. Technical and geometric aspects of image interpretation. The flat picture as a basis for acquiring spatial information in various scales. Methods and possibilities (photogrammetry, restitution). Practical application. Two– and two–and–a–half–dimensional representations of space in the contemporary architects design studio.

Exercises: Performance of spatial reconstruction on the basis of accumulated two–dimensional graphic data.

Studio topics

PKB 2010-2015

This course refers to Thesis project (DS4) each year.