Information Processes in Architectural Heritage

Information Processes in Architectural Heritage

Course type: lecture, project
Course tutors: Krzysztof Koszewski
Jakub Franczuk

ASK course

Status: compulsory Course level: Advanced, Specialty design
Course Code: ASK2-KW-Cd ETCS: 6
Expected own workload: 63 Proj/lab/semin hours: 60
Lecture hours: 15

General description

The role of new information management techniques in protecting and transforming historical objects, complexes and cities is growing. New tools used every day in the architect’s workshop find application in this area. This work also requires a specific interdisciplinary dialogue between architects, historians, art historians, conservators and IT specialists. A special role in the designing process is played by the study phase, consisting in collecting and properly ordering information about the historical values ​​of the object / objects, with particular emphasis on the detailed valorisation carried out for the needs of a specific design task.

The course is conducted in the form of lectures and project exercises. Design classes conducted in the workshop mode ensure the constant participation of the entire training group in the reviews of work progress, discussions and critical assessments of subsequent project task sequences performed by students. The main part of the task is to create a model of the object, which is a carrier of information about its valorisation and a design tool. During these activities, basic reconstructions are made, which are confronted with the proposed additions and adaptations, as small as possible. The simulation potential of the digital model is explored in the context of assessing the value of the concept of additions / adaptations and the need to preserve / highlight the cultural values ​​of the object.