Parametric Design

Parametric Design

Course type: Lectures and Seminars

ASK course

Course Code: D5 ETCS: 2
Proj/lab/semin hours: 15 Lecture hours: 15

General description

Classes will be conducted on two parallel planes:

1.  Lecture – The purpose of the lectures is to present the theoretical aspects and basic principles of parametric design, starting with the formulation of formal design assumptions all the way to selection of parameters controlling the geometry.

2.         Seminars – It is within the framework of the seminars that students will learn the basics of specific software serving parametric design. The initial phase of the exercises is conducted in the form of workshops aimed at showing the functions of the program as well as ways of building and controlling geometry. The next phase involves the learning of the basics of writing scripts controlling geometry or the processes creating it. In the final phase of the exercises the students are tasked with independently performing design tasks involving the creation of a parametric model of a building on the basis of strictly defined formal assumptions. Consultations relating to the design exercises are conducted in the form of presentations and open discussions.

Studio topics

PKB 2010-2015

This course refers to Thesis project (DS4) each year.