Urban Planning for Society of Knowledge

Urban Planning for Society of Knowledge

Course type: lecture, design studio
Course tutors: Małgorzata Hanzl

ASK course

Status: obligatory Course level: Advanced
ETCS: 5 Expected own workload: 55
Proj/lab/semin hours: 45 Lecture hours: 15

General description

Project for the downtown area, including the redevelopment of deprived post-industrial/housing areas. An analysis of preconditions and external relations in the scale of the region and of the city is required, including an analysis of transportation, demography, citizens’ activities, and the natural environment. The project scope includes: an analysis of the current development of the area together with an analysis of its external, relations, an analysis of the morphological structure, an analyses of current and future activities based on redevelopment assumptions, a definition of the project’s assumptions as a result of the SWOT analysis, a redevelopment concept of the spatial structure and its outside relations, and a record of design in the form of a local urban development plan (a drawing of the plan and excerpts from the resolution of the City Council). A proposal for the scenario of the project implementation, including public participation in the planning process is required, which should cover the whole area or the chosen pieces, depending on the design concept.

The lecture complements the project, explaining issues concerning conducting and planning the project implementation process, assuming the participation of current and future users of the given area, with the emphasis on the forms of the information flows and the possible use of IT in the process.