Techniques Integration

Techniques Integration

Course type: Lectures and Seminars

ASK course

Course Code: D6 ETCS: 2
Proj/lab/semin hours: 15 Lecture hours: 15

General description

The subject will be conducted on two parallel planes:

1.  The seminar shall present initial material prepared by the instructors, factographic content collected by participants, and papers making up the outcome of parallel exercises. All data presented over the course of the seminar shall serve the expansion of the CAD knowledge base, integration of techniques and the exchange of data in the knowledge base in the form of WIKI hypertext built in a network environment.

2.  Exercises during which teams of participants shall solve characteristic problems requiring application of a broad spectrum of CAD tools (e.g. coordination of actions within the framework of a standard architectural editor and freeform editors, export of data to rapid prototyping machines and the import of information from models, integration of the design database derived from analysis of the physical context, through draft designs, to technical documentation). Each phase necessitates the performance of laboratory exercises and a description of the effect in the seminar paper.

Studio topics

PKB 2010-2015

This course refers to Thesis project (DS4) each year.